Friday, March 15, 2013


When should you retire?

If that question is ringing in your mind, better keep away from friends, advisers, therapists, TV doctor, or real living doctor, who might say, "At your age you should be ... at your age you shouldn't..."

Do not think at my age, I should do this or that. Don't ask "Why am I forgetting things," or "why didn't I hear that?" Those questions lead to appointments with doc, dentist, or eye guy.

The World Science Festival said, "Age 90 Is the new 50.” Pooh!  If you're in the nineties, or approaching 90, just think of Betty White, or Warren Buffet.

Be wary of age-brackets, age cliches, rationales, and age as a factor.  BANISH THE NUMBERS.

Just ask yourself, "What would I do, IF I retired?"

Read what? travel where? paint - write or tweet or like stuff on Facebook? Volunteer, be a peer for other retirees, poor folks, kids, pets?

Gee, well, I could make a braided rug from scraps of clothes I planned to give away -- if I start today, it could take a year.

Flash to Plainfield, New Jersey -- a 99-year-old woman is teaching cooking and sewing at the Sundance School.

She started at 81. Agnes Helesnik is her name.

Her pupils call her granny. They recently celebrated her 99th birthday. They said, "Granny makes it worthwhile, coming to school."

Granny, sounding very with it, said delightedly, They're just something else."

Be, do, try "something else."

The time to retire is once a day, more or less at bedtime.

Tell your loving pals, "Sometime after 109 or 119, I might think of taking a break."

Here's Granny celebrating her 97th birthday.


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