Tuesday, October 29, 2013


What do you deem "IMPORTANT?" My dictionary says: Important is something that's marked by significant worth, or consequence, valuable, in content or relationship.

What's on your list of concerns?

Is it a person, or persons you love, a pet, a possession? Or is it your home? Is it your job? Your skill, your ability, to do or try to do whatever you do expertly, wonderfully well?

Maybe it's your reputation, the way people treat you, or a passionate commitment you have for helping people? Or some philosophical determination you have for telling the truth, being honest? Or your credit rating -- how much money you have, or maybe, for you, it's essential to be able to pay your bills on time?

What about life and death stuff -- humans, animals, countries, political issues -- voters, immigrants, healthcare, debt ceiling, all of that, along with keeping up with iPads, phones, apps, styles, trends -- warnings, predictions, statistical proof of what's bad or good.

Yes, yes -- all of that is major, significant.

Even so, beware of  being boxed in by external things -- priorities imposed by others, fear, confusion, questioning, wondering why are you doing what you're doing -- where are you heading -- shouldn't you be doing this or that?

I think, based on my life, my observations, the most important thing is to be the boss,  king, emperor of you.  


Yes, yes, yes -- it's a gift you can give yourself when you listen to, obey, think, feel, do what's on your mind and in your heart and are free to be YOU.


Carola said...

I think peace and a sense of security are the most important things for me.

Jeanabella said...

After reading your post I changed my mind in that Trust is important but allowing me to be in charge of me is most important. I would say trusting myself is most important after all.

Paul Mendenhall said...

If you look at what I actually do with most of my time and energy, then you would have to say my mother is the most important thing to me. But in the larger philosophical sense, I don't think anything is really important; or rather, I think everything is equally important. It's all just God having fun, wearing a million masks and taking the masks off when He is tired of it. Is a game important? Can anything that doesn't last long be important? Nothing does. I don't know.

Gary Henson said...

My family. Supporting them, having them support me. Enjoying a movie with my daughter, her daughter and my wife. Discussing good and bad books.

Vijay Pawar said...

The important thing to achieve is a up-hill task for me in my as well as all peoples lives, me as well trying the same in my way........ I listen to my subconscious & do my things in life, in my path to achieve the All-Mighty!Our main goal in life, but all going miles away in the rat race of success!

Jutta Olli said...

Freedom and wellbeing ...and my daughter <3

RAF2attac said...

4 me personaly it's the Heath!

RAF2attac said...

Sorry, sorry. I forgot the L ;). I like your page so much with best wishes from Berlin(o) ..

Cara Lopez Lee said...

In my memoir, I wrote about a realization I had while traveling: "The purpose of my life is not 'to get what I want.' The purpose of my life is to become who I am." To me the most important thing I can do is to chose the best way I believe I can be of service in this moment. This requires developing my unique abilities and being my authentic self. For me, that often comes down to writing and communication. As for the externals in my life that I most appreciate, they are: my husband, my family, my friends, and those to whom I can be of service - which can also mean allowing someone else to be of service to me.

Ron Lewis said...

Oh Em...wishing I were the wordsmith you on this one. For me it's almost transcendental . But nothing, in my life, tops that feeling of life's completeness as the warm fuzzies this ole pawpawdude gets after a grand holiday family gathering. The sun has set, the kids, grandkids and all loved family members have left with full bellies, the holiday remnants still decorating the house and KNOWING..yeah, this was a "good one" and the "emperor of me" is one heckuva blessed "dude".

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