Sunday, November 10, 2013


John, reeling off titles of shows he starred in, mentions that he'd like to have done "Kismet" and "My Fair Lady."

Em reminds him how entranced he was with Rex Harrison's performance. Pretending to be a  producer, Em "sells" the idea that John could play the part now.


Julie Carriker said...

This is wonderful! What a great topic!

John, you would be wonderful in "My Fair Lady"! You two have made my day, and now I'm going to listen to some musical soundtracks. :)

Love to you both!

Carola said...

I would love to see John play Henry Higgins. But I remember him as Sir Dinadan in Camelot, because I was so young and thrilled about seeing him in a Broadway show. Wasn't his main song later cut from the show?

Paul Mendenhall said...

I can never pick one musical; I have to give a list: Showboat, Pal Joey, The King and I, The Music Man, The Fantasticks, Camelot, Forum, Hello Dolly, Night Music, Sweeney Todd, On The Twentieth Century, Grand Hotel...

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