Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Ever thought about getting a robot -- buying one, using one, renting one -- for your business or home?  

Robots are already doing quite a few jobs that humans usually do. There's a bartender robot mixing drinks in Ohio in less time than it takes a human; the University of Chicago library has a librarian robot that sorts books faster than a human. The Department of Defense at the pentagon recently acquired "Atlas" -- a 300 pound robot with arms, legs, head, torso, and hands -- that uses tools -- and can do 28 hydraulically actuated tasks.

Will the Military ever get robot "boots on the ground?"  Probably, Google (the do- everything-better-faster guys) has just sold 2,500 of its robotic, driver-less cars, to Uber Taxi service. Soon, in 10 cities you will find yourself being chauffeured by a machine. Hey, Doctors are operating with the help of robots. IBM's Watson, the robot that became famous on TV's "Jeopardy" when it beat the winner, is now absorbing case histories at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, helping with treatment recommendations.

What about something for YOU like a pet? Here's the latest dog, "Zoomer," that wags its tail, recognizes you, and you can teach him tricks.

If a cuddly, realer pet is what you'd prefer, here's "Leonardo."

  What about robot playmate, a brother or sister for your kids?   Wow -- the more realistic face -- the skin covering the machine's head -- they say the skin   feels like real skin if you touch it. Ever seen ads for "Roomba," a $700  robot that cleans the floor?  iPilot, the maker, developed "Ava," a robot secretary with pad and pencil;  that inspired the development of "Roxxy," a "sex robot" which Bell Labs manufactured -- a 5'7" 120 pound robot with an articulated skeleton, synthetic skin -- it can be programmed on a laptop to respond to the owner's likes and dislikes. When Roxxy was announced at $7,000 to $9,000 plus a monthly fee, it garnered 4000 pre-orders but in researching how many subscribers Bell has, I bumped into the "Receptionist." . Aiko, the young man who created the Receptionist," has been refining her for the past five years. Click Aiko's projects -- see how this Robot has become the love of his life.  (It spooks me -- it's gotten me wondering what's next?  Soldiers to fight our wars?  Robot families caring for human families? Hey, will I have a robot some day to write my blog?

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