Saturday, March 1, 2014


When John Cullum was performing on TV's "Northern Exposure" and "ER," he got to know George Clooney and Anthony Edwards. Both these actors, who have gone on to play roles in many other shows.

Em wonders what makes them different.

George after "ER." no matter what role he played, is always George Clooney. Anthony Edwards played the "Boy in the Bubble" in "Northern Exposure," and the lead doctor, Dr. Green, in "ER." ( John C. played Dr. Green's father.)

Why has George C become a major star, while Tony E -- he hasn't disappeared, but he is no longer the celebrity he was in his "ER" days?

Actor John Cullum deliberately does not keep track of anyone's celebrity status, but Emily does. She thinks it's because George is himself, and Tony becomes another person, with each role.


Stan said...

Loved this blog and your amazing interactions with one another. I love George Clooney. I have watched "O Brother Where Art you" at least a million times. Thanks for your insight and wisdom. Great article

Pete in Montana said...

Did you say that George was on Northern Exposure? I don't remember see him in any of the episodes. I've seen Tony in several of them, but not George. Maybe I misunderstood you. Oh well. See Ya.