Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yowie -- I am not sure how to handle the huge philosophical shifts that are happening.

Things we used to think were good for us, like eating a slice of bread with your meal, are NOT good. Gluten is now a popular no-no. I remember when coffee was dangerous, saccharin caused cancer, and horse meat was a no-no.

Are they bad or good now? I can't keep track.

What about masturbation, homosexuality, smoking cigarettes, sleeping around, and how we dress? Boobs and buns are super over-revealed nowadays; Viagra is promoted all day long, masturbation (formerly hush-hush) is now bragged about; homosexuality (formerly a mental illness disorder) is now celebrated; we know cigarettes kill, but e-cigarettes (advertized everywhere) tell us it's safe and fun to smoke.

We've got full frontal everything -- hangings, murders, people getting their heads cut off, ugly weird sports -- bird killing duck hunters are beloved -- there are blood drinker clubs -- golly, remember sports hero Michael Vick jailed for promoting dog fighting? Well, now we've got dwarf throwing!.

Dwarf throwing? What does all this mean? That we are bored? That we need new hideous, ridiculous, ludicrous violence to excite us?

All I can do is show you the midgets, dwarfs in padded clothing.

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I hope you hate this video clip.  After you see it, take a look at the next clip that show  what happens when dwarf throwing gets out of control.   


Carola said...

I've been reading a lot of American history, and have focused recently on the Reconstruction Era. It is amazing how modern scholars can differ in their interpretation of this time. It makes me realize there is no historical truth, no right or wrong--just opinions and biases.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at terms connected to right and wrong and the confusion with those terms and Dogma. Right and Wrong are moral terms, Dogma is created to establish rules that a group of people adhere to without question. Em, I love it that you question so many things and get other people thinking about questioning too. I'm one of your many biggest fans. Love and big hugs, H. xxxxooo

Gary Alan Henson said...

Human are amazing. Frail and powerful. Talented and lazy. Emotional and bland. Capable of amazing acts of kindness and brutality. Able to focus on creating unbelievable works of art and industry but with the attention span of a gnat.
Right and wrong are taught in the home and influenced by the environment, like TV, movies, books, schools, churches and social media.
I believe that we all know right from wrong but we choose to do wrong sometimes, either from lack of will or pure laziness.
I also believe the vast majority of people are good and try to do the right thing whenever possible.

Louise Sorensen said...

Dwarf throwing. Ugh. Sorry Em. I couldn't watch.
Has the human population reached the density where depravity kicks in? Studies in the 50's on overcrowding in Norway rats showed them losing family values, eating their young and basically going nuts. A predictor for what is happening with humans today.
Although humans have wallowed in depravity whenever they've had the chance. Look at the Roman emperors.
One thing; I believe in modern medicine which has studied homosexuality and found it to have genuine medical foundations. I don't believe it's a choice, or that the devil makes you do it.
Boxing, a time honoured sport, in my mind is brutal, dog fighting, beyond revolting, dwarf tossing, a new low in human lows. My mind boggles.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Aquileana said...

Hello Emily.. Your post is truly thoughtful and I agree with you when you say that sometimes it is hard to consider one thing as good or bad.. Well taken, there are many surrounding factors when it comes to certain topics... What we considered that is socially accepted may be cataloged as (just) "good" ..-.- If nowadays we are more open, sexually speaking-, well... then homosexuality for instance is taken not as a big "bad" deal... But the social standard to judge one- behaviour is dinamic and often chronologically and culturally defined. At the end regular behaviours tend to be accepted, but sometimes it might not be the case and others it take a long time to change perspectives...
As to Dwarf throwing it is and must be disowned by everyone no matter the circumstantial facts...
Thanks for sharing this excellent post... A very provoking reading...
Best wishes, Aquileana ツ