Monday, April 28, 2014


"Once wasers." -- it's my term for famous, important people who have become "has beens."

 Show biz has beens are fun to keep track of.  Like Nick Nolte, when he dropped out of sight. Like Britney Spears -- she certainly has had some wild ups and downs.

Dick Cheney gets the Em prize for VIP  "once-wasers." And George W Bush gets 2nd prize. 

John McCain's a runner up. He talks as if he is an authority on war and peace, along with Sarah Palin who is still great looking, and seductively nasty. Golly, I can hardly wait for the day when John Boehner, who's affecting every single day of what isn't happening in America, becomes a once waser.

Names-names don't go away. Once we learn 'em, they're back again another day -- like Trump, a once waser with money, and ambitions of a guy who thinks he could be elected the president. Is New Jersey's Christie a once waser? Will he rise again? Anthony Weiner is a once waser, I just hope his wife Huma isn't.

Chris Matthews, senior reporter on MSNBC, keeps me up-to-date with his nightly "Hardball" show.  He rebroadcast Dick Cheney's recent advice to President Obama, calling O "our weak president." Golly, I don't want to hear Cheney's out-of-date opinions, and pokes at our president, who is fighting -- with a great deal of grace and strength -- will continue to be fighting -- enormous race prejudice.

But hearing Cheney's words, brain-washed us before. Even though people don't believe Cheney or trust him, his words sink in and sit in our heads. "Weak" President" gets people wondering -- tasting it, repeating "weak president" till it sticks.

Like the words that Boehner and Congress keep repeating -- "Obama care is bad, health care doesn't work." It's brain-washed some of us who voted for Obama, and believed in Obama. Now we nod our heads silently, and find truth in "weak President,"  and let it slow down the fantastic progress we made when we elected him.

Am I a once waser? Are you a once waser? Are we clinging to the days when we voted for Obama because -- wow, a black president was a giant step, a way to end race prejudice?  

Hey, has-been Nick Nolte looks great now, and is back in the world again; and Britney's comeback has turned her into an eloquent interesting liberal lady.

Once wasers or not, we gotta shape up -- write, talk, post praiseful words for O whenever they occur to us -- pile on praise -- support the black guy in the White House who's won the war against prejudice by being there, and applaud with words his decisions -- his dealing with unsolvable national and international issues with strong wisdom.

Loud and clear and often, let's drown out the old fogey Cheney-ish naysayers.


Unknown said...

One day the right wing nuts of America's wobbly engine of democratic progress are calling Obama a Dictator one Swastika removed from Hitler plotting for the day when he can unleash the FEMA storm troopers take all their pretty guns and lock em all up in concentration camps.
The next day he is an effete twinkle toes in Mom jeans too weak to impress Mr. pointy nipples Putin with America's power. I tell ya having a black man in the White house has made their head spin. Now if we can get Mrs. Clinton in and Mr.s Warren as VP the comedy of head spinning absurdity will never end.. OMG a totally PMS white house Rush's head will just explode on air and wont that be a something ta see?

Carola said...

Although I have been disappointed in him from time to time, I do not think he is a weak president. He will go down in history for achieving a health care law and for making it possible for so many uninsured people to get health insurance (many of them poor people on Medicaid).

Ameer S. Washington said...

I'd like to say that everyone "is" as they "are" at one this moment in time. I think the term "once-wader," and the like can be damning to what I like to call the "human-condition." People are fickle and holding anyone's attention forever is impossible. Often those who are "once-waders," are demonizing because they often fall out of favor because the expectations of society is too difficult for them to live up to i.e. Britney Spears. We are prone to all sorts of folly and the consequences of bad choices. I dare say that few people can remain in the realm of Shakespeare, Jesus, and George Washington to be forever etched into the minds of humanity. I'd like to one day stand the test of time, but since I see death these days as an unknowing oblivion of blackness that I can hope to see through, I sometimes wonder if it really matters.

Linda Phillips said...

Is Nick Nolte back? I'm glad to hear that. Not the worlds greatest actor, in my opinion, but moderately talented and good looking (I'll take your word for it. I haven't seen his recent photos).

Trump and Palin, I am affraid will never totally go away. They have enormous egos and will find any and every way to be in the news.

Cheney and Bush...blech..I don't hate many people...I do detest Dick Cheney and his "Timex Heart" that just keeps ticking. Bush has taken up painting self portraits in his bathtub. Makes perfect sense. He has finally found something to do thathe is well suited for. Puppet President, was his last job and he did a "hell of a 'bad' job of it Brownie!"

Gary Alan Henson said...

One of the things that makes our country so unique and great is that we can express our views and agree or disagree with each other without resorting to rudeness or worse, violence.
I gave my youth to my country, spending almost 9 years in the US Navy submarine force. And I'm quite proud of the fact.
I'm mostly proud that I gave myself in service so that you and I can express ourselves in a free society. Liberal, Conservative, in between, some of both. It doesn't matter. As long as we act in a civil manner we are free to voice our opinions, gripes, complaints and joys about our country.
I believe, for the most part, each individual is responsible for his/hers actions. There are going to things outside our control that we may not be able to overcome to our liking.
Though I didn't vote for Mr. Obama, I admire him the same as I admire all Presidents. He is doing the best job he can, guiding this country in directions he sees to be most beneficial to most Americans. That's his job.
Presidents don't decide our future, they guide it. It's up to you and I to run America on a day to day basis, always striving to be honest, faithful and helpful to each other.

Aquileana said...

I loved the term you have invented Emily... Really eloquent... "Once wasers." ..

Well there are too many I guess but I am now thinking in Kevin Costner ... I used to be in love with him ...

Thanks for sharing and best regards,

Aquileana :)