Friday, April 25, 2014


John quotes the Bard, telling would be actors what Polonius told his son, Laertes, "To thine own self be true."

Because times have changed, Em presses for specifics. Should a beginner head for Los Angeles or New York City? Or go to school?

John says, "Go wherever there's are people working on a play. Find a group."

He suggests would be actors grab any opportunity that comes their way. "Just be in a play."


Cara Lopez Lee said...

I grew up in L.A., where half the girls dreamed of being an actress. I was no exception. I did school plays and community theatre, took acting classes, got an agent, and went to Hollywood auditions. One day I realized I wasn't willing to be a "starving artist" as an actress. Storytelling was the thing I was willing to be a "starving artist" for. Not literally starving, just knowing the thing I'm willing to make sacrifices for. That's where the passion lies. I became a journalist, then a TV writer, then an author, editor, and writing coach. Success came because the passion was there to do whatever it took. Surely it's similar with acting.

Linda Phillips said...

Charming as always and wonderful advice to actors!

All Things Bookie said...

Good advice John and Em - so far only on an amateur level for me but we all have to begin somewhere.

Aquileana said...

Hi Emily;

Well done, as per usual I really enjoy your video about tips and advice for actors...

Wishing you a great sunday over there,

Aquileana ;)