Tuesday, April 22, 2014


What's "feminine?"
That's an easily answered question: Looking your very best, which means lots of eye makeup and creamy-coverup color on your wrinkle-free, hairless skin.

Feminine also means revealing clothes -- mostly tight, short, revealing sexy outfits emphasizing boobs in a pusher upper, squeeze together bra -- nothing very new about this. However, the seeking of femininity has become a big yes-yes, that's everywhere, with the most famous, successful designers, and super feminine models, lighting experts, music composers, collaborating to sell the look that has been proved, again and again, to really sell whatever femaleness is.

Even celebrities -- any of 'em, many of 'em -- for instance, Katie Couric, who has her own show now. She's striding around (somewhat awkwardly) in super high (torturous) spike heels, and tight, short- skirted, bosom revealing outfits.

Ah, and truly feminine comes with an all important tone of voice that creates a style, and a way we expect the feminine female to behave, no matter how old she is.

The "Chew," "The View," and all the "Real Housewives" shows have established the overly  made up, overly cleavaged look of a woman, who laughs a lot at herself and other females, while bravely revealing private stories about her private self -- her sex life, her lovers, failures, and successes at seductiveness.

Generally, today, females are expected to talk too much, brag and over-play the silliness of femininity -- interrupt each other, and display with giggling, wonderfully rueful smiles, what I think is the least attractive aspects of a female.

Vanity, Insecurity, Self-interest --- yes yes, V - I - S defines a successful female femme. The interesting, women on "The Chew," "The View," the various "Real Housewives,"  (also on "The Couch" and "Today,") are creating a whole generation of women who are trying to be like them.

Glub-glub ... I find myself drowning in the sea of  excessive giggling, cooing embarrassing revelations that seem to apologize for the fact that a woman is expressing her opinion.

Glub-glub ... I note tears in the girls' eyes as they prove that feminine understanding of issues is limited by a woman's desire to be admired, and loved.

Women, excessively selling femininity are conveying, again and again, "I'm just a woman, after all."

Hey, stop! Cease this nonsense! Stop diminishing femaleness. C'mon girls, let us, and the rest of the world see and feel that YOU feel that female/feminine/femininity is a terrifically important, marvelously major, primary and powerful, wonderful thing to be. 


Carola said...

Think about France. In France there are a million different ways to be feminine. I'll never forget a 75 year old lady managing her bicycle deftly through the horrible traffic at the Bastille Circle, while she sat up ramrod straight on her bike, controlling the world around her. She was beautiful and feminine.

Linda Phillips said...

Does anyone remember the Woman's Movement? Well I sure do. I was most definitely a part of it. We were fighting for equality. We were sharing what it was like to be a woman in Women's Consciousness Raising Groups. Not one single woman in my Group was unfeminine! We all had careers and men in our lives. We all dressed in lovely feminine clothing. We were intelligent women and above all we were FEMININE!

Unknown said...

Oh wow..as a guy here expressing his views on Ms. Em's views on femininity, I think it best that I whole heartily concur with every insight offered. Maybe an added quick toss of an "amen and pass the gravy" to your ever so true observation of "over playing the silliness" ? Enjoyed it all Em..thx!

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Women are people, spiritual beings first. Male or female is a body phenomena.

Looking good is a natural survival action.

Both males and females benefit form looking good. :-)

Enjoy and splurge on it!

#EverythinWill_B_OK! #AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮:-)

Unknown said...

Mrs Emily your beautiful just the way you are .my daughter embarrasses me all the time.i still love her but not one who likes standing out.guess I'm still stuck in old fashion ways.

Aquileana said...

Hello there Emily...

A very nice post... I agree with you as regard to your statements above. I believe that being truly feminine has to be with an overall attitude and also with a style...
The tone of voice and the way to behave define it too...

Best wishes, Aquileana ;)