Thursday, May 22, 2014


Emily wants everyone to know that her husband, John Cullum, is amazingly un squeamish, when it comes to some of the nasty tasks they have to deal with, as owners of a building. It amazes Emily, how bravely John handles these things.

John says "I'm very squeamish," and explains that handling "nasty tasks" is like acting -- you play that you're brave, and then you are brave.


Stan said...

What a fun video. You two make me laugh out loud, aka lol. I am squeamish at many things. My wife is the brave one in this duet...Thanks for the vlog, or whatever the cyberworld calls things nowadays.

Linda Phillips said...

I used to be quite squeamish. You mention cockroaches, water bugs and mice. When I lived in NYC (which was most of my life), it never failed that I would have a filthy neighbor (or a previous apartment renter to my then apartment) who inundated me with roaches. I will spare the gory details, but it was disgusting, until I got it under control with a monthly, landlord paid exterminator.
I have killed giant water bugs by drowning them in either Fantastik or hairspray.
My only experience with mice, knock wood, was when we lived in the country and fortunately, my little Persian cat, Foof, took care of that problem.
Like John, when faced with a disgusting situation, I detach and just do it.