Monday, May 19, 2014


I mmm and hmm. 

A thought hits me.

It pings in my mind.

I mmm and hmm.  If it keeps pinging and echoing, I write it down on a list called "New Posts."

Yes, I grab onto topics that echo, but dodge major news.

Like  that lost Malaysian airplane -- my own interest in it showed me loud and clear, how tragic events take one's mind off the unsolvable doom stuff -- ignored environmental issues, looming threats, clashes between countries, races, and religions.

Oh my goodness, once I open the doomful thoughts door I am inundated -- super-pacs buying the next election, voter's rights, guns-guns-guns right here in my neighborhood etcetera.... etcetera... (That's my "Yul Brynner" quote from the "King and I" musical.)

So the light bulbs go off for lots of things to write about, that I don't want to write about.

Plant a seed in my flower pot, and a Merlin wise blog will grow.

YOU tell me -- email me, send a comment -- what's major, minor, nagging on your mind?


Carola said...

1. I think a lot about climate change, especially since the new report came out that talks about the effects in each state. But I don't do anything about it. 2. I'm very conscious about the possibilities of cyber-warfare. I stay very private on the computer, and I keep paper records of everything.

Stan said...

Great article Em...It certainly stimulates one's interest or concern for humanity. Perhaps my biggest concern, which saddens me, is hunger and poverty in a country ran by Wall Street and Forbes 500. I could make a list of things that bother me and worry me, but it would be exhaustive and depressing to do so.