Thursday, June 12, 2014


I could wait another week, a month. or a few months, before talking about you. I'm just saying what many, many people feel about the boy, young man, old, wiser, grown up guy whom we got to know at different stages of his life.

He was so utterly present, reacting to what was happening, in every scene he was in.

We got to know him as a friend, brother, as a cousin, pal, leader, instigator, hero, villain, beau -- a man who did what he had to do.

Was he a natural -- a guy with talent for creating a real person no matter what he played?  Or was he an especially big person, who encompassed many other persons, who thought the way millions of us think, and understood what millions of us feel.

For me Mickey Rooney is a main man -- the face, the look in his eyes, the smile, frown, the concern -- a thousand images of Mickey's concern are part of me.

Hey Mickey Rooney, you are here, even though you have gone for that long, long walk.


Carola said...

When I was young I never cared for Mickey Rooney, but other people have taught me to value him.

Linda Phillips said...

What a lovely tribute dear Em! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Em, a masterful job and I stand with Linda's "What a lovely tribute..". Many may not appreciate how well written this piece is, nor how difficult it could have been to put on paper considering the nuances of his life. When you write "...a thousand images of Mickey's concern are part of me." it speaks volumes. For a true appreciation of this tribute, the reader should seek out those images borne from the complexities, hidden and not so hidden , of a true genius not singled out to the phenomena of creativity. "Here" a genius walks who too , just happens to be an actor unparalleled in many distinctions.