Monday, June 9, 2014


"Why did you pick tennis as a sport," Emily Frankel, asks, wondering why John Cullum didn't' choose baseball or basketball.

John explains that when he was just a kid, tennis was something  he could do with his dad, who played every weekend. After a game, his father would hit a few balls with him. That got young John practicing hitting balls off the steps in front of his home.

John's love of tennis got him into playing tennis as a junior, then senior, then  non-professional high level tennis in college tournaments in the United States and Europe. Today, whenever tennis is being played anywhere in the world, you can be sure -- John Cullum is watching.

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Sonnycole said...

So often..the sport we truly come to love..pick us..and not the other way around.
We start to play various sports growing I did myself as a child...and my passion became Table Tennis...night and and night...LOL