Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hey, we've got
a new word for --
breaking up --
not sleeping together.

When the beautiful, always perfect-looking Gwyneth
Paltrow said "uncoupling," a lot of people cringed. It seemed to be a somewhat snobbish way to separate the breakup of Gwyneth and her husband from what regular people do.

It hit the headlines. Joan Rivers immediately hated it. People said it was weird -- the famous movie star avoiding straight talk, and being rather pretentious.

Well, she's never been a palsy-walsy, friendly star -- we've certainly applauded the 41-year-old Paltrow, enjoyed her hauteur, and things she's chosen to do that represent her taste.

Click -- read what Wikipedia refers to as her breakthrough into stardom -- the list of films that won Gwyenth Paltrow awards, rave reviews, and the reputation for being a very cultured, polished, elegant woman, who's something of an non-conformist.

Like the website Paltrow created --  GOOP.com -- where, as an author of two cookbooks, she comments about what to eat and why it's nutritious and important. It's a catchy title -- not pretentious -- a fun word she picked probably trying to be precise and truthful.

Okay, married for eleven years to Chris Martin, lead vocalist of "Coldplay," with whom she has had two children, (inventively named Apple and Moses), they've UNCOUPLED.

Yes, it was actually a graceful way of announcing to the press that they were moving out of their mansion in London, and heading back to LA, where they weren't going to be sharing a home, or a bedroom.

Hey, I admire her detaching herself from concepts, behavior patterns, and all the raised-eyebrow questions that reporters and fans will continue to ask and wonder about.

Yay Gwyneth Paltrow, for boldly doing what she's been doing for years in that not paly-waly, but wonderfully cool way of hers -- inspiring us to do what she does and just be what we really are.


Ameer S. Washington said...

The funniest thing about the response to her word choice is that when two people get it together we call it a couple. Or a married couple. So a married couple who has decided to split apart doesn't decide to use the comfortable phrases for the onlookers that they usually hear like "separate," or "break up." But doesn't the work uncoupling mean the same thing. Two trains cars that are joined together are "coupled," and then when they are removed, split apart, or detached, it's call "uncoupling."

I think this all goes back to how people want celebrities to behave as they do and shirk them and vilify them for whatever they do that isn't just like us. But what would happen if someone told us to start doing things as they expected. Us common folk would start to lose our minds and stand up and roar against the presumptuous ass who tried to make us conform to their point of view.

I applaud you for applauding Paltrow for being who she is. I think that it is important.

Stan said...

Never liked the word divorce or divorcee...so stigmatized. I wonder though if she's the uncoupler or the uncouplee? Thanks for this marvelous article Em.

Gary Alan Henson said...

Well, how do I put this tastefully and respectfully? How about 'a rose by any other name..'.
I don't know Ms Paltrow or her ex and I'm never going to have the chance to be friends, which is sad but true, so my opinion on their family matters makes no difference in their lives or mine.
'Uncoupled'? It's kind of silly,actually. Let's make up a 'gentler' name for divorce. One that doesn't mean that one or both of us is breaking our oath and our vows.
Life is hard. I hope the best for all involved but please, you're divorcing.

Carola said...

I like Gwyneth Paltrow a lot, but I do think her phrase "conscious uncoupling" is absurd.

Sonnycole said...

Far too many seem to forget that celebrities are also human beings and have a mind of their own, and a life to live...outside of us...we are entitled to our opinions and they are entitled to live life as they see fit...Gwyneth Paltrow in this moment is actually a trend setter..and taking the brunt of love/hate on the chin for those who secretly would have done this too...but did not have the guts to do..I say Bravo to her...the gate is open copy cats!

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Well said, Em. Many people like to speculate about what celebrities are like based on what the media reports about them, but we never have all the information, only what grabs media attention. Even when it's accurate, that's never the whole picture. She's a great actress, and as a buyer and renter of movies that's all I need to know.

THE Frugal Foodie & Gonzo Gourmands said...

I've always liked the title of Jill Clayburgh's movie where her character is going though a divorce: "The Unmarried Woman."