Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"SPY GLASSES help you do what you want to do," said Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, when he announced "Project Glass" five years ago.

"The glasses work like a hands free smart phone, displaying messages, images, and maps of the world in front of you. The glasses have built-in cameras that allow you to capture moments without disrupting them."

Saying that, Brin tossed his baby son into the air and declared, “If I tried to capture that with a camera I’d drop my son.”

What a gesture, what a way to show us that Google Glass -- those eye glasses -- were something we were going to want to buy.

In 2012  I blogged about Google Glass -- the actual device really couldn't be bought yet -- it was one of those futuristic things, like driverless cars.

Can you buy Google Glass now?  Well, you could order it.  Ebay listed some "like new" Google Smart Glasses -- prices -- $1550 to $6500. In April, Google announced you can buy Google Glass, but only wear it for a day, and of course get a full refund. The wear-for-a day plan is still part of Google's pilot project.

I can't help wondering who owns the photos and recordings, and what about the folks you record without getting permission. Meanwhile, Google is ironing out another serious problem -- the battery doesn't last long enough. Their digital photography experts are working on using "nanotechnology," (using teeny batteries); experts are also  experimenting with “gesture-based” technology, that would let you take photos with the blink of your eye.

Hey, maybe Google Glass will replace smartphones, and give us more mobility -- utter Mobility -- global, universal, ultimate freedom from lots of other things that go with being a human?

Anyhow, keep your eyes wide open, and go with the flow of it -- sooner or later the price will come down and you can try it Though personally, I can't imagine why in the world I'd ever wear Google Glass, I suggest we just "row, row, row ours  boats gently, down the stream."

Row, row ... upstream? downstream? are we heading for the rapids? A waterfall? This music expresses my trepidations. 


Carola said...

I really don't like the idea of Google Glass. I feel it violates my privacy to think that people could be photographing me just be blinking their eyes.

Unknown said...

ROFL continuously! My O My-Em ends her piece with a "MegaGrungeMetal" rendition of Death Boat..err, make that "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Em, Em,Em...YOU creative types always catch me off guard. SUPER GREAT job on this one

Now, would I wear the glasses? I say "NO WAY" now, which means in 2-3 years I will send you a pic of me wearing them even while I sleep. I try to fight technology, but I am a wonder-wuss and "new technology" takes me to the mat and gets a full "10" count pin down each and every time!

Google glasses have already been banned from all casinos in Las Vegas, for obvious reasons. Anything transmitted, once transmitted, is no longer private as it stands now. NSA sits on a mountain of family pictures that were incidentals caught in the fishing net. Even with the certain challenges to Fair Use, Copy Rights and Public Domain, Google is far too vested in this technology now. Bet the farm that Google WILL make sure THE glasses will be on the face of our next president and long will be gone the days of the teleprompter. Progress....ugh!

CARA Lopez Lee said...

I find the idea disturbing and won't be buying one. At least with a regular camera, there is some chance of knowing whether it's focused on you. It's scary the way "everybody's doing it" lulls us into accepting invasion of privacy as normalcy. I've accepted less privacy through new technology as part of a conscious effort to cover the news or sell my stories, but this seems like a bridge too far. Big Brother will soon be everywhere and everyone, and I fear there's no turning back.

Sonnycole said...

the idea is a reality, and to rapidly get the kinks out of the product they have chosen to make it hands on to more than just 'egg heads'...In the end, it does not matter if we make a decision to go left, right or stay..the technology is upon us and here to it or not...we better get with the program and let our voices be heard, to shape the future...turning a blind a big Yes in Googles book, so don't be shy. Personally I love the idea, and can't wait until it settles into my price range...LOL..anything that enhances my productivity, will always get my yes vote.