Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We have loved him, admired him, looked down on him; we have gossiped about him, praised, applauded, booed, and wondered about him.

We have watched him growing up. Watched him changing, taking on ever larger projects, risking his money and his reputation -- professional as well as personal. We have had the privilege of watching a feisty, cute, young guy become a major producer, writer, director, star.

Here's a list of films he's acted in and produced, and here's a list of awards and nominations. Both are are impressively long lists, and gee -- to me -- they are very significant. There are other film stars who have done what Cruise has done, and yes -- facts and lies surround every star, but Cruise has kept expanding, taking on challenges, apparently undeterred by success/failure fears, and money concerns.

Good reviews, bad reviews, gossip column jabber, rumblings and mumblings with ugly, disturbing headlines about his private life -- but no matter what is said about him, the artist in this guy keeps reaching -- wider, broader, higher, and bolder -- reaching for universal ideas about what a man believes in and what drives him.

Do I love his films?  Some of them I do love; others are not my cup of tea. Even so, I bow to him. I don't bow to a many artists, but this one is growing, and very much in tune with the times.

He's fifty-one now -- here's a photo -- not a posed studio shot. I snipped it from the trailer of "Edge of Tomorrow" -- a moment when the actor's face says everything.   

I'll be part of the audience that watches and takes in the next and the next and the next artistic venture of artist Tom Cruise.


Jeanabella said...

There is something about Tom Cruise that is compelling! We have to see his movies because for the most part, they are pretty good!

Carola said...

I'm not fond of him, but have always enjoyed his movie roles.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

A fantastic actor, and still sexy after all these years. Sure, I find his belief system a bit odd, but my only thought on that is that it's really none of my business. I've loved many of his movies and hope to see many more. The American obsession with celebrity - to the point of having no sense of privacy - is a bit disconcerting.

Ameer S. Washington said...

I have always been of fan of his movies. I think I've seen almost every one of them and have quite a few on dvd. I even still have Top Gun on VHS lol! I think the coolest thing about all the things you mentioned is that for me, regardless of the headline, Tom always seemed to be himself. I felt like he never comprised his opinion or beliefs for the sake of being accepted by his detractors. It takes a person of strong will to do that, and that is probably why he still seems so young, even has he crossed over 50. Loved Edge of Tomorrow and Jack Reacher. Looking forward to MI5.