Friday, August 29, 2014


Mom and Dad, John and Emily, have different wishes for their son, Hollywood actor JD Cullum.

It's a discussion the Cullums have had many times.

John thinks in practical terms of what's feasible and realistic, based his son's reputation, and Emily tries to figure out what would make JD happy.


Linda Phillips said...

Not only is JD a wonderful actor, but he is absolutely stunning. I know he has struggled with getting really large parts on TV and movies, but he should stick to what he truly loves. I have seen him on TV so I know just what a wonderful actor he is. You have every right to be very proud parents!

Carola said...

Before I got to the end of your video, I was hoping JD would never see it, because then, like anyone's child, he would resist your excellent suggestions. I never liked it when people in parental roles made suggestions. I always went the opposite way.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Hahaha...I'll never tell.