Thursday, November 6, 2014



I stared at this picture.

Wham bam. I  SLAMMED down New York Magazine.

Page after page -- photos -- tiny ones, full-page pictures, thumbnails, -- dresses, hats, shirts, underwear, coats, jewelry and shoes, plus homes, cars, toys, kiddie outfits -- sketches, full color, artistic drawings, wildly unusual, inventive -- vintage, rococo, ultra modern styles juxtaposed -- page after page with everything excessive, overdone, too fancy. It made me ill, sick in my head, it told me how abysmally ignorant I was.

I subscribed to the magazine trying to keep up with trends, planning to subscribe to Sports Illustrated, Esquire, the New Yorker -- not Vogue that's always overloaded with the VERY  latest chic stuff -- I want to write about trends that affect, infect, and inspire us -- blammo -- I'm defeated by the massive potpourri of N O W.

Whose concept created this fat issue of New York Magazine? Someone I should avoid? Or was it a combo of who's-who-ers in London, New York, Paris, and Rome?  The too-muchness of clashing styles, the deliberate outlandishness -- is THAT the TREND?

Oh my God, it is -- yes it is -- everybody wants to feel unique, special, different, and be one of a kind, because it's memorable -- because we're lost in a forest of too many people trying to be unique, because there's too many people!

What about simplicity -- things that are plain, monotone, bland? Is simplicity gone?

What should we wear, when crappy smorgasbord too much-ness is IN?

Aiiii  -- just our birthday suits?


Anonymous said...

I agree completely, Em. I was perusing a Fashion magazine in a dr office recently and had to close it in sheer disgust. To me, the designs were vapid, busy, unrelated in any way, in short nausea inducing. But... if you recall in the 50's how revolted parents were about Rock and Roll, and see how cherished it is now, I would say that the goals of fashion and designers, of designing something totally different for today's youth, has been met. Now the older generation can be spotted for their painted walls and gently co-ordinated outfits, while the youth can happily decorate and dress like they shop at a dumpster. Sign of the times.

Dustspeck said...

I hear that Emily. My Sketchers have holes in 'em but they're my best ping-pong shoes by far. My Wranglers and my Dogwood Arts T cover most of the rest of what is left of this show. Yeah, I wear socks and briefs. I like that; (Briefs). How did that get to be the word to describe those particular items? You're right of course Emily. (Too Many People by Paul McCartney), from the album, (Ram), sez it all. I knew that way before I ever started rusting in the dust though. (Black Byrd by Donald Byrd), is better for just living though; sweet tunes to change your mood, or just a walk on the beach at night alone under a full moon maybe?