Sunday, November 9, 2014


John answers gracefully, describing wife Emily Frankel's talents--dancing, cooking, writing, handling various business things skillfully and efficiently.

Em launches in to a paean of praise for John Cullum as a THERE person--some one who's always able to concentrate on an issue, with physical and mental energy, no matter if it's fixing, painting, oiling, plumbing, or auditioning for the next job.

Yes, Emily really likes what John likes about her, but he loves what she likes about him.


Stan said...

Great vlog Em and John...such an enjoyable couple. As a side note I just finished watching a great movie "Kill Your Darlings" in which Mr. John Cullum played an excellent part. Loved the movie. I am a big fan of Allen Ginsberg. His poetry is immortal...thanks to you both for such marvelous vlogs.

Linda Phillips said...

I LIKE how perfectly the two of you fit together!

Dustspeck said...

I like the purple color coordinating you have going on in this installment; intentional or not? (Zen and the Art Of Being Welded Together in Symbiotic Bliss)? Nothing needs fixing between you two. The crumbling infrastructure is indicative of our the actual physical state of the nation, in general. That was one of your best A.I.R. segments so far; very well done and fun.