Sunday, January 18, 2015


Emily opens the subject of money, expecting John to explain that what he chooses to do has very little to do with making money.

John grabs the subject, and reports on the very small sums he was paid, when he started working in New York City, and his career progressed from one play to another, on much less than minimum wages..

"If money is your goal," both the Cullums say, "Don't be an actor."


Stan said...


Dustspeck said...

Double it! Sounds pretty good John. Once you married Emily, you were no longer what they call a free-agent and you got a manager in the deal too, even if only in certain instances. I'm glad that you called them back and set that new president for your expected salary form then on. Sometimes everything just clicks. Having a partner that believes in you and knows your true value helps a lot too of course.
I guess it's your turn Emily to tell us a bit about business?
I'm the worst at money matters. It's no act. sez Dustspeck

EL Remington de DURANGO said...

Madres hermoso de verdad ese Video,Thank You TALKERys,...SOS...SOS...SOS...