Saturday, January 24, 2015


Warning -- beware of  DELIGHT!

Yes, delight.

We are heading into delight -- yes -- we are going to be told, over and over, in catchy, interesting, seductive ways, to buy clothes, music, trips, foods, all kinds of drinks -- just about anything you buy -- will delight you.

And of course, DELIGHT will be echoed in our social media relationships.

I learned this from New York Magazine. The magazine is a prognosticator. They see where we are heading. Dealing with ad agencies, advertisers, and subscribers, they grab onto a possible trend, and feed it, fan it. With more ads, they turn a flicker into a spark that ignites, illuminates, and creates a tepid sort of excitement; a tepid curiosity that attracts people, products, and their promoters, and promulgates a full-blooming trend.

Why am I complaining? Why does any of this matter?

Because it makes me intensely aware that moneymakers are turning me into an angry, complaining, non-conformist, who dislikes hundreds of normal things that other people have learned to like or love.

Am I a misanthrope? No. I am just NOT delighted when I notice delight moving in on me.

I don't want anybody in the TV or media or business world selling me, telling me what to think and feel.
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