Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Emily Frankel wonders how John Cullum's friend, Barry Corbin, ("Maurice" in the TV series "Northern Exposure") is doing. They've kept in close touch over the years.

Remembering the days when John played Holling Vincoeur, the bartender of the bar in Cicely, Alaska , the Cullums gossip about the shows leading man, Rob Morrow, John Corbett, Janine Turner, as well as other members of the cast.

"If the series were revived, would you play Holling again?" Em asks. You'll hear how Cullum answers her question as the Cullums finish this video.


Juss said...

Great to see you guys! Thanks for doing this! John, Holling was always the character I wanted to meet the most. I wanted to hear Maurice's stories, hug Ruth Ann, and philosophize with Chris, but Holling was the fella to go into the woods with and tell stories over a fire and good whiskey. My two favorite bits were the episode where Holling wanted to fight, any body, any TIME, & just HAD to! And the time he and Joel were drunk as lords in the shack and quoting Robert Service! Such good times I almost think of them as mine, too! Thanks for such terrific talent and enjoyment that's lasted all these years.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the show and thought that the character Hollings was the most engaging in the series. But John had an advantage of talent, skills and experience. I'm sure that the other benefited from doing a scene with John. Hugs to you both, H.

Stan said...

Marvelous discussion. I so enjoy your trips down memory lane. Hope you stay safe and warm throughout the winter storm. Thanks again.

Aquileana said...

Very neat Emily!~ I much enjoyed it!. All my best wishes to you & John!. Aquileana :)