Sunday, February 8, 2015


Are you sitting at your computer with a phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, or notepad?

Or are you seated on a couch with a printed something-or-other as the TV is blaring news, gossip and ads?
Are you seated  at the kitchen table, dining table with something to eat?

Even if you're out in the world, visiting, conferencing, waiting for doc, lawyer, accountant,  or friend -- you're relaxed, kinda taking it easy with furniture supporting you.

Probably your back is rounded, and your head is thrust forward  -- yes, you're an S.

In fact, everyday, most of the day you are an S, not an up and down vertical body.

If you don't fight it, you'll lose it.

Be tall every time you get up to get anything, every time you head for the bathroom, or go into another room  -- chin high, fold your hands behind your back as if you're pacing. And smile proudly, inwardly -- be jolly, perky, peppy  like um ... a ... lollypop.


Stan said...

Thanks Em. Good article and good advice.

Unknown said...

It's very true Em, people are more correctly predisposed or, designed for dancing than sitting. Use it or lose it. #Stay Active.

Carola said...

Important to remind us all. I'm glad you keep at it.

Rob Brown said...

Do a full range of spinals and upper body three times each week. But this did make me think. I sat upright as soon as began reading, Emily. :-)