Monday, February 23, 2015


Joking about jobs that they have to do in order to make a short video, Emily Frankel and John Cullum complain about what's involved -- getting the ideas, arranging the lights, testing the microphone, and the out-of-whack things that the MAC camera does with color.

As they are describing the problems, you can see how the ultra sensitive camera misbehaves.


Stan said...

Wonderful! I smiled throughout the entire presentation.

Dustspeck said...

Ah yes, the magic; or ma-geak! I like the temperament of your microphone. I'm a big fan of Douglas Adams. He created the idea of objects that are believed to be ordinary items but are really intelligent life forms like ball point pens and a particular shade of the color purple; all good fun. Set designing is a lot of work and I have never focused on it in your videos. It doesn't distract the viewers attention from the stars; so, it is quite effective; but you already know that. That was a nice curve ball Emily. Baseball season is underway; spring training that is.

Aquileana said...

You two are so hilarious and cute and I love the idea all throughout the video.... I think that it is Fun indeed
Keep the Magic and Tell the Truth... Yes, well stated...
Sending you all my best wishes!. Aquileana :)