Friday, March 13, 2015


Emily Frankel gets John Cullum to explain why he loves Eli and Peyton Manning.

Enjoying the topic, John gives Emily -- who rarely watches sports -- a quick education about other famous quarterbacks, and the recent super bowl scandal about the deflated footballs.

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Dustspeck said...

That was a good one! Root for the home team. That's right. They have a really good coach and quarterback with two Superbowl Rings that were hard won in a beautifully artistic and skillful manner. Joe Namath could throw the ball a hundred yards; pretty sure of that Emily? I thought I saw him do it once? I positively saw Walter Payton do it once; a rare talent, and he was a running back of small stature. Not many people are able to accomplish that particular feat. They call it (football) and the players that score the most points are generally the place-kickers. Why aren't they considered the stars more than the quarterbacks? Just Sane