Sunday, May 3, 2015


Is this a picture of me?

Not exactly, but it represents aspects of me.

What about you? Do you do tender useless things like the kid in the picture?

What do you love doing? Talking with pals? Gardening -- raking, planting? Giving gifts to needy folks? Eating? Seducing or being seduced? Watching sports, a movie, or a play?

Even if what you love doing isn't very important -- you love polishing silverware, love your stamp collection, you truly love shopping for shoes -- my goodness -- buying stuff is like falling in love -- totally absorbing. So is traveling, moseying through a museum or art gallery, and listening to music.

Okay, how to get what you love?

You go for it -- respect it, stay focused on it and recognize the love feelings. Recognizing that feeling, those feelings, is one surefire way of getting more, MORE of what you love.

Just go for it -- be it a half day, or an hour, or a few seconds -- every day of your life.

Hey, I love writing this -- saying, sort of spur of the moment, what I've learned as I sort through remembrances, visions, and intuitions -- it gets me smiling inwardly and outwardly, feeling like I'm dancing around, loving life.


Carola said...

I love the art you used on this post.

Marie said...

Now that's what I mean!