Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Emily Frankel wants to know what John Cullum would FIX if he had a magic wand -- of all the things that need fixing in our country, what would he fix first?

He says, "Fix potholes..." and John is into a list of issues.

Emily says she'd fix education.

John and Emily mention many things they want to fix, but what's first?


Al Leblanc said...

Enjoyed: Fully agree Education, Infrastructure,PubicSafety/PoliceSafety/Police Reform.
Also, wWorld Peace UpU&Me/UsAll (#Cyberpeaefare). Al

Unknown said...

If I had a magic wand what I would say that every man and woman should live by the Golden Rule. That would cover just about all our ills. Let's face it, nobody would permit poverty, education, justice, financial superiority if they lived with the idea that they wouldn't want to be in "their" position and do what they could to balance the playing field.

Unknown said...

Funny, when I do interviews, my last question is: If you had a magic wand what would you want to do or have or create? hahaha

SafetyMentalst said...


Anonymous said...

I bet you that John Cullum, the avid reader, is an eager student and a learner. I know what you mean by having skimmed through school without learning a dadburn thing. It's fun to realize that today John wisely spends his free time reading on his Kindle. Reading all those great classics takes concentration which I could not do until the empty nest presented time and opportunity to read again. I'm sure John is pleasantly enjoying the author's visions. "Absorb every word like a sponge" as my father said about continuing education. Keep on learning until the day you die which is exactly what we all should do. So, keep on reading and learning John Cullum. You'll never ever regret spending your free time reading. So John, after you finish with Edgar Allen Poe, jump right on into Robert Frost. Em, do report to us again on what you two have learned. Share something you didn't know until you read it on your Kindle. Keep your Kindle light glowing. Don't forget to rest your eyes now and then. (Now I'm sounding like a mother!) Have I mentioned how much I enjoy watching and listening to you two? Thanks for sharing your interesting lives with us. Signed, that the old Hoosier broad, Marie Stout Newlin, a fb friend Tootle Lou for now.

Big T said...

erase all need for money and I mean all currencies suddenly rendered obsolete, even debit cards or any kind of credit cards. yep. you know me.