Saturday, July 11, 2015


Privacy is a big deal for most people.

Like the dictionary says -- it's the state of being apart from company or observation. It's seclusion. It's freedom from unauthorized intrusion.
Many of my friends are adamant, passionately upset, that Facebook and Google are selling their data to advertisers or to the National Security Agency (NASA).

I am not -- what I write in an email, say on the phone, post on my blog, share on Facebook and tweet isn't seditious, pornographic, or about buying/selling drugs.

Okay, I don't use a smartphone or tablet, but I have desktops and a laptop and they could be invaded, accessed by NASA, or some advertisers.

Well, so what? I express how I feel. It's me, I am proudly me. What harm could come to me, or to you, if private something-or-other things are used?

I read this to my husband, John Cullum. He said, "Lots of people don't agree with you," shook his head worriedly, and added, "I would NOT like my personal data being used or sold."


Okay, please explain to me, "What are YOU saying, doing, revealing on your various communication devices that could be harmful to you, if this personal data is used or sold?"

If it could be harmful to you, why oh why share it?  Get together with a friend, or a trustworthy pal, and talk.

Hey, talking is ... well, being with someone face to face and exchanging words and ideas is ... well, it's an easy, natural, normal, helpful thing you can do without wondering about stuff like privacy.        

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