Sunday, October 18, 2015


Emily Frankel, calling herself a worry-wart, is amazed by the haphazard way John prepares for major events in which he's participating. He quite often, naps when some problem needs to be solved.

John jokes about her brain being big, his being much smaller. Explaining that opening nights DO make him nervous, he deliberately doesn't "worry" -- he just avoids dwelling on scary, iffy things.  

(Fun to note that before the event last night in NYC, when a theater was named the JOHN CULLUM theater, he was concerned about what to wear -- not at all worried about the speech he was supposed to give.) 


Anonymous said...

Congrats to John for the honor bestowed on him and his theatre. Thanks, Em, for another heart-warming look into your lives.

Dustspeck said...

I like John's Edgar Casey approach to problem solving. It's nice to have someone whisper in your ear, resting deep in thought that sees you past the years. The problems that the world we know gives us little to carry on with us into eternity. It not so dark on the other side that we can't see through and get some grandfatherly advice when we need to fix that dang leaky faucet, er whatever?

sez Dustspeck