Sunday, February 21, 2016


I am reminding you -- nagging, alerting, loudly informing you. You have got to stand tall.

Yes, I've said this before -- I say it every year. I don't consistently stand tall. I figure you probably aren't continually standing tall either.   

Every morning, around 6:50 a.m., I march into my dance studio-theater.

Striding with long, bold steps, looking straight ahead  and beyond so that my head is high. I cross the 40 foot floor. I hear my sneakers squeak. I dismiss my do-this- do-that morning thoughts.

If "stand up straight"  worked like a mantra, I'd be peachy fine -- perky, zesty, quite attractive looking. Alas, commanding myself like the boss, director, choreographer, doesn't work anymore.

If you are very sloppy, very slumped over, or dumpy looking, you can read what I've said about this in blogs I wrote back in 2009  --"SSS"  (Sit, Stand, Straight), or "Promenade."  (I'm not encouraging you to click the links -- the fact is, I am older and wiser now, but if you need stronger nagging, click and read.)

How you look when you enter a room is more important than weight, diction, hair style, makeup, or what you're wearing. Even if no one sees you, it makes a difference. It's an inner thing of pride and  confidence. When you like yourself, you think more clearly and  accomplish more -- you do whatever you are doing more efficiently, more skillfully, accurately and thoroughly.


Be a toothpaste tube. 

Squeeze yourself in the middle -- front, back, sides, all around. While you're squeezing count ten chimpanzees -- "one chimpanzee -- two, three," etc.

That's it. If you want to do more, toothpaste tube yourself three times a day, And once a day, go to a wall.

Stand against it... heels,

back of legs,

your waist,

your upper back,

your shoulders,

back of your head.

And count ten chimpanzees.

Truth -- what gets in the way of standing tall is the fact that most of the day, you are sitting. Therefore, try doing this every time you are thinking of getting a snack, or using the bathroom -- just go stand against any wall and do this exercise.

No doubt about it -- doing the wall four to six times a day, and being a toothpaste tube three times is an admirable, excellent thing to do. But just ONCE A DAY will make an appreciable difference.

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