Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Would you hire me? Emily asks her husband.

John gets rolling on the subject, discombobulating Emily Frankel as he questions her about her resume and different show biz jobs.


Sally Cronin said...

Thank you for sending the link Emily on Twitter @sgc58.. I loved this and think you make a great powerhouse couple. Obviously keenly aware of each other's many strengths and still loving it after 57 years. I have of course seen John in many of his roles and they say behind every great man... My husband David and I have been married for only 36 years but have worked together in industry as well as in publishing for the last 24 years. In fact he is at his desk next to me right now. I know that your future projects will be as successful. Thanks for sharing an insight into your lives. best wishes Sally

Anonymous said...

Love and respect to you both. Happiness really does come in pairs.