Monday, April 11, 2016


Em and John Cullum have two landlines. You can reach John on his cell. It's not a smartphone, but he carries it when he goes out so that he can stay in touch with Em. His managers, are pressing him to get a smartphone.

Though Emily realizes they are old-fashioned, she delights in maintaining their landlines.

Is, or isn't John going to get a smartphone?


Larry Enright said...

I approve! (Mostly because we still use a land line and don't have smart phones.)

Carola said...

I am holding onto my landline too. I have a cell phone but not a smart phone. The landline came in really handy when we had a big earthquake here and the cell towers got clogged with too many phone calls.

Stan said...

Great program... My wife and I still maintain a land line, my wife has a cell phone. I remain stubborn and do not have a cell phone. I like the land line because....(I don't know why)

Gary Alan Henson said...

Debbie and I agree 100%. We still have our land line and will probably keep it until they pry it from our arthritic hands! ;-)
I've never liked cell phones, much less smart phones. Smart phones have only 2 redeeming features. 1. I don't wear a watch so I can get the time/date on my phone. 2. We use on our phones to guide us around the Dallas/Ft Worth and other areas.
The other really big problem with not having a land line is that we cannot hear our cell phones at home. Deb's is in her purse so there is no way the ring can be heard through all that geological debris. Mine is on the counter top but you cannot hear it anywhere other than in the living room.
Until they come up with a phone cradle or something that let us hear a call anywhere in the house, we're sticking with the land line.
BTW, you 2 are an absolute hoot! If you are ever in the Dallas area, let me know, we'd love to meet and play cards. ;-)
Thanks again and have a great week.

Unknown said...

I have both a Smart Phone and many extension phones for one landline. I use both. I use the cell phone to send and receive text and a myriad of other things. I consider my landline my "other" phone. Although I tend to turn off my cell early in the evening to preserve on the battery. I truly love my smart phone. I have all of my contacts on it including restaurants that deliver. I would be lost without it, but I would never give up my landline either.


I"ve got two landlines as well! I'm hanging on to them - I love the fact that they are both 212 numbers!! Always love seeing your AIR videos! Keep up the great work Em. Hello to John and JD! Stay just the way you are!!


Came across this and thought you'd find it interesting - however, I certainly hope they don't do away with the Landlines! Yikes - as stated before I LOVE mine!