Saturday, August 13, 2016


What to eat first thing in the morning reveals a lot about my husband, John Cullum.

I get things going -- hot water for coffee, some utensils for the table, set out a few things -- but I never know what my man will choose.


Stan said...

Loved your vlog. Makes me hungry.. I haven't had breakfast yet. I think I'll have a piece of chocolate cake covered with a drizzle of bacon grease...HA!

Anonymous said...

John, was it called Johnny Hoe Cakes or Corn Pone (pancakes). And Emily, "Let us eat cake" for breakfast; preferably chocolate.--Marie Newlin

Constance Masters said...

Fun video Em and John! In Australia, for us at least it's usually cereal or toast and coffee or tea. Sometimes on a Sunday we might make bacon and eggs or very occasionally, croissants from the local bakery. It's very interesting to see what other people eat :)

Linda Phillips said...

....and thank you both for that delightful video.

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