Thursday, May 21, 2009


Why is the periscope on Nancy?
Torpedoes pointing at her?
Why is Nancy P the target today ?

Pelosi's been graceful, calm, gracious, kind, unemotional, a woman in power who doesn't use her femininity to achieve anything, gain ground, win points, put down men -- does nothing except give us a sense of the woman-wife-mother, and leader.

Yow! I'm not a follower, just one me traipsing down my own road but ... RAT TAT TAT, bullets are flying -- can't I duck, run for cover?

No! I can't! Keep hearing/seeing over and over the punish Pelosi stuff about stuff that happened years ago. It's demoralizing me, wasting my time, her time, House of Reps time -- putting off meetings, implementing the bills we are waiting for, while our O, the omniscient, omnipotent guy is barging forward, not back, but way beyond what was said and done about torture.

Thank you Media. H1N1's got us hand-washing, staying home, and "Flip-flopping." All of us flip-flopping, slipping in the slush, losing momentum, except O who's pulling-pushing a ton of remedies despite the tornados, the heat crises here, there, everywhere.

While Nancy's trying to stay on her feet.

N.P's graciously, gracefully trying to find dates, reports on old conversations in order to extricate herself and the huge organization she represents, from blame. For what? Blame for knowing WHEN she was told WHAT, or IF she was told something, even though her knowing or not knowing wouldn't have affected the outcome.

Help! It's Alice in Wonderland stuff: Repubs want a new name for Dems with "socialist" in it? Vanity Fair exposing Rumsfield's sins? Romney's handsome face back in the news huckstering 2012 ?

Ulp, gulp. It's not mother' milk. It's un-swallowable. 100 proof pure Jabberwocky

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Carola said...

It's interesting to me how much people hate Nancy Pelosi. I'm sure it's sexism.