Thursday, June 4, 2009


Remember when "one glove" Michael Jackson first appeared with kinky, long, wet looking hair? It looked like recently un-braided, braided hair, and became very stylish. Some people still wear their hair that way. It never went out but other styles have come in, way IN.

I don't know if you noticed, but I certainly have -- females these days wear their hair Like H E R.

Blond-brown, shades of golden brown or light bronze -- it's been getting more and more popular. It started after 1994, got hot, and hotter by 2004, and now, right now, it's more than ever T H E LOOK.

Shoulder length, sometimes longer, randomly wavy ends, center part that is not neatly parted, so no part works fine.

Is it her hair style, or her that made her the most memorable friend in "Friends?" Believable actress, comedic, touching, able to dance, sing, cry, be boisterously rah-rah, hugely seductive or prissy prim -- all that, plus a ideally proportioned shape, and neat, right, perfect facial features. (But not one of those typical movie star faces, out of the box of perfect faces, all of which seem similar.)

I didn't see the show in its heyday. I'm snobby -- anything with canned laughter gets me clicking other channels. And in the mid-nineties, we lived in our Malibu log cabin -- no cable, just two local stations. But when we resettled in NYC, I caught a bit of the show, then started looking for bigger bits, and "Em," who isn't a fan of anyone on TV, belatedly became a fan.

I have long hair that's been long since I was twelve. Even when other styles are IN, I know my pulled-back hair style, the way I make two ponytails into a double bun is fairly unique. When I wear my hair loose, it usually attracts attention.

Well, the days of attracting attention with my long hair are gone.

Yoo hoo Jen! If you get blue over those two, (you know who) -- its you, not HER that women all over the world have been imitating for more than a decade -- grandmas, lady execs, moms, teachers, actresses, models, chic young woman, wild girls, teenagers, kid sisters, famous females as well as ordinary females.

Is it your spirit? Your hair? Who knows exactly what it is, but YOU are the one, Miss Jennifer Aniston!

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