Saturday, September 12, 2009


I knew yesterday was September 11, the day New York -- America changed. I can't salute it, or even mourn it when I know what I have to do, what we have to do, is go ON. Live on with hope, not fear.

Yes, all that has been said, and adding my voice doesn't mean a great deal, BUT ... we as a nation losing the unifying force of what it means to be an American ... that scares me.

We've had enough with Birthers, town hall meeting shouters, and Joe Wilson calling the President a liar. And the Tea Party people partying!

I don't give advice to our president and his cabinet and advisors, who've helped shape his Health care plan, about what details --if any -- have to be re-thought, or re-shaped. I can't because I don't know enough.

I do know enough to feel and to say WE NEED TO SUPPORT OBAMA. He needs to get the sixty votes and go ON.

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