Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm yelling. I'm cursing, I'm hooting -- like kids in unruly audiences hoot when they don't approve of the host, the guy who's front and center behind the microphone.

Stop. Shut up. Cut the crap! We don't need your EAGER STUPID headlines!

You are not running the country!

You are not wiser, smarter. You are an employee -- paid for taking the time to get the training that you got in some announcer/journalism/public-speaking school.

It's sickening -- (yes it makes me sick) to see the sincerely concerned look on your face as you pretend, with acting skills, to express your personal opinion about --oh my --I can't believe it, but I'm hearing it and seeing it -- the possible dangers of the President of the United States talking to young people.

And it's the "school speech," a speech about studying, working hard at educating yourself, that hasn't been made yet -- that's going to be made, that how many other presidents have made?

You are feeding the horrible, ugly, political tactic, the plan that the anti-Obama gang has successfully launched -- encouraging floundering, worried, poorly educated people to unite and get their friends and relatives to join in and protest any and every move our President makes.

You are supporting them; you are helping them. The only way I can help, that we who elected him can help, is to turn YOU off.

I'm yelling stop, shut up, cut the crap, turning myself into a member of the unruly audience, trying to drown you out -- and in drowning you out, reducing myself, embarrassing myself because I'm beginning to sound like you.

Please, stop. At least change the tone -- get rid of the sanctimony. Try a smile, shake your head, shrug ... add a touch of humor and amazement that there's such a tempest, such a ridiculous to-do being made over the President talking to our children.

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Carola said...

I know. It's just crazy. Scary too.