Sunday, September 20, 2009


I want to write about JOE BUSBY. Here's the logo for his Website.

I bought two pairs of laces for $1.26 + $3.00 for shipping. I e-mailed my thanks to the company, asking, "Who's the owner? How do you guys break even?" This is what they e-mailed me:

"Joe Busby was a manager for Honeywell. for ten years in Dayton and moved to Cincinnati. He started the shoe lace business for various reasons -- two being he wanted to be able to raise a family and work at the same time and also his wife had a full time job and was traveling a lot as well. He selected shoe laces because it allowed him to buy and sell. Thus when he quit his corporate job he switched from buying and selling to making and selling at the same time and created a niche market for himself."

Here's my Website logo.
Em, director/mgr. of a dance company moved to L.A. to finish a book, returned to NYC for various reasons -- two being my book wasn't sold and I thought maybe my play could be done in NYC, and my husband, a full-time actor was traveling to NYC to do leading roles. I created a virtual library Website because it got me readers. Thus, I switched from writing and not being read, to writing with a niche where my writing could be read for free.

There comes a time in your life ... yours, mine, or Joe Busby's ... where you need to be spending your days, hours, and thoughts on your life, enjoying it if you can, making your job and your work -- the work you do every day -- more significant, important, meaningful -- to you.

Joe Busby IS the Shoelaces Place.

I salute him. Attention must be paid to people who have the power, the guts and vision to change the direction of their lives so that they're NOT working for money, but working to make themselves more useful.

I guess -- because I 'm trying to do the same thing -- I'm saluting myself along with him.

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