Friday, November 20, 2009


Do you have a list of things you want to do, but keep postponing?

I want to write my sister, JB, and find out why she hasn't written or called -- is it because she's not feeling well -- she doesn't want me to worry -- what do I say?

I want to write Anthony Shaw, the doctor who saved our son's life. (See my post "Circumcision" 11/14) -- writing my post I looked him up, and found a "death notice" in the New York Times -- his wife died last month -- it says send a donation to her foundation -- no flowers -- what can I say or do to comfort him personally?

... all this personal stuff on my mind, obscuring, diverting me from what's worrying me about all the stuff that's happening, not happening, in Congress ...

I want to send my energy, my impatience, over the Internet and into the air, into the ears of the guys who are currently advising the President, and tell them "Do it!" Say "Get it done!" Bellow "Go for it now!"

Do I email? I've typed the names -- I've read this list more than once -- I've said the names out loud --the names are familiar but who's doing what isn't ...

Attorney General: Eric H. Holder Jr.
Agriculture - Tom Vilsack
Commerce - Gary Locke
Defense - Robert M. Gates
Education - Arne Duncan
Energy - Steven Chu
Health and Human Services - Kathleen Sebelius
Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano
Housing and Urban Development - Shaun Donovan
Labor - Hilda L. Solis
Secretary of State - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Interior - Ken Salazar
Transportation - Ray LaHood
Treasury - Timothy F. Geithner
Veterans Affairs - Eric K. Shinseki
Central Intelligence Agency Director -- Leon E. Panetta
Chief of Staff -- Rahm Emanuel
National Economic Council -- Lawrence H. Summers
National Intelligence -- Dennis C. Blair
Environmental Protection Agency -- Lisa P. Jackson
National Security Adviser -- James L. Jones
Office of Management and Budget -- Peter R. Orszag
United Nations Ambassador -- Susan E. Rice
United States Trade Representative -- Ron Kirk
White House Coordinator of Energy and Climate -- Carol M. Browner
White House Press Secretary -- Robert Gibbs

Here's a cabinet meeting with these guys.

26 people feed their knowledge and research into the President's mind.

Which cabinet members do I fasten upon, and pray for, send a message to, email or phone in my imagination and say yes, go ahead -- investigate -- but don't create obstacles with your questions -- seize upon the answers, the ifs, and maybes -- and consolidate the sum total into affirmative action!

Consolidate which of Obama's ideas -- ALL -- all that fit your area of expertise! I'm not an activist, or expert in one, single area -- just a doer, one single person who's seeing what's not happening, and you and I know -- the man who does nothing makes no mistakes -- actions speak louder than words.

He's got war, health, jobs on the front burners, and environment, banks, Wall Street, real estate, mortgage loans, credit, on the back and side burners and what else -- Guantanamo, race, religion, and his life, his family -- little things gigantic things, too many for me to spell out ...


Okay! I'll write JB, I'll write Tony -- I'm telling myself "Do it!" "Get it done!" Bellowing "Go for it now!" and launching this into the air, onto the Internet.
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