Saturday, November 21, 2009


Her charm, her looks, her ability to turn negative into positive -- her ultra seductive, female skills – the stuff that little girls are made of -- "sugar and spice and everything nice "-- she's got it - THE POWER.

You like her. I like her, even if we don't like her.

She gestures, smiles, chuckles, shrugs, points a knowing finger -- and what's wrong, what's making you cringe, what's making feel like snarling at her -- zzzip – gone! You're smiling (maybe a bit ruefully), but you're marching with her down her track -- it's not your track -- she's wrong, but you're marching with her.

Those eye-glasses framing her twinkling, knowing, focused eyes that are beaming her purposeful intention -- getting her logic, her truths, her sometimes (actually most of time), all-over-the-place construct of what to do about this or that -- those gleaming, framed eyes really do seem to focus onto and into you.

Her thoughts are like a scaffold -- firmly anchored to the ground -- poles, boards, sections of ladder that frame each floor, frame each storey of the building she's building -- a building with plenty of room for all kinds of folks from wherever folks happen to be.

Her slightly messy hair, her slightly thickened, mature look of a mother wife, above good legs -- no -- great legs -- holding her up, giving her that stand tall, head high, "I believe in myself" look she has, even if a tomato, or cream pie whomps her in the face – that's POWER.

Nasty things that are said about her, Palin turns into compliments. Like home-made fudge that's better than store-bought, she eats it up. It tastes good -- insults are compliments -- my goodness, those insulters are paying attention to her.

All the bad things that have been done to her, gee -- it's the media, it's the handlers -- the handlers for McCain were -- chuckle-chuckle , smile, grin -- "just know-it-all guys who don't k-n-o-w nothin' -- right?"

Okay! The irresponsible things she's said and done during the campaign, her specific attitudes about abortion, about that dirty word "liberal," about Barack Obama, socialism, health care, stimulus, and those snobs, Katy Couric and Charles Gibson, and what the handlers did to her -- it's quicksand.

Sarah, a outdoors person, knows how to leap, jump, scoot, shimmy sideways, pull a muddy foot out of danger, and avoid it.

And now she's out there, on a trip around the nation, super- selling herself and her book.

Bestseller Palin, selling her bestseller -- oh she will!

She's amazing. She's got rebound, resilience, and instinct for survival, and wow -- what a talent she has for winning you over, if you happen to be unsure of what to believe in.

That's big talent, big power.

I know for sure that I'm scared of her.

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Carola said...

She scares me too for the same reasons. You absolutely hit the nail on the head with this blog. She's extremely appealing to women, even if you hate what she's saying.

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