Monday, January 11, 2010


If your name is known, and your face is recognizable, you've got clout. If you're on TV every day, each day you're bigger and better known.

We've already got new personalities, making sure their faces, their names, are out there, with their political ideas being sold to the public -- paving the way for a seat in the Senate, maybe a bed in the White House.

Joe Scarborough is – with denials, with grinning shrugs when asked about his political plans -- clearly edging into the next presidential; race -- there were illusive, slightly joking remarks, about a SCARBOROUGH - BILL MAHER ticket in a recent Newsweek Magazine article.

On his morning show, Joe's stronger than ever remarks, his somewhat pontificating opinions, and iffy, on-the-fence replies to tricky questions, tells me "look out for Joe."

And he's nice-looking, 46, the right age.

Yes, this guy is a real Joe -- maybe not as well known as McCain's Joe the Plumber -- but "Morning Joe" is catchy -- J.S. is making sure he and his show, his opinions and the possibility of him running for president are being planted ... developed.

Lou Dobbs is another famous face and name, and probably a candidate for Senator, or president -- he said so, on his Website. There were articles about his announcement on,,,

Is Dobbs attractive to voters? polls (which are Republican biased), indicate that Dobbs might get 14% of the vote. Rassmussen also says that any new name attracts about 6% and its polls suggest he may attract Perot-like presidential support. (That sounds as if Tea Partiers might find him their cup of tea.)

To me, Lou Dobbs seems out of date, cranky, outspoken -- I feel as if he's saying "I am right, because I'm always right." Unless he connected with some new young hero (which doesn't seem like a wise move for a new young hero) Lou Dobbs for President will, in my opinion as a prognosticator, fade, fade away.

But ....

Remember, Al Franken was formerly a star on "Saturday Night Live" and now he's a senator. Also, former governor, Senator Mike Huckabee, who looked good in 2008, now has a show on Fox News. Former governor, Sarah Palin, is definitely running for something -- probably president, and Glenn Beck recently announced his "100-year plan" for America.

Being recognizable, I think, is number one important.

Knowing how to work the media, of course, has long been essential for a serious politician. And nowadays, it's more important than ever.

Time Magazine says: "In 2010, a media career is itself a viable basis for political power -- and even a political career."

Who else is going to toss a hat in the ring?

Here's a list from Wikipedia.
* House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia
* Former Vice President Dick Cheney of Wyoming
* Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico
* Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich of Georgia
* Former Governor of Arkansas, Senator Mike Huckabee
* Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana
* Former Governor Gary E. Johnson of New Mexico
* Former Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin of Alaska
* Former Governor George Pataki of New York
* Representative Ron Paul of Texas
* Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota
* Representative Mike Pence of Indiana
* Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts
* Former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
* Senator John Thune of South Dakota

Don't forget, Former Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota.
And Ralph Nader of Connecticut.

Keep your eyes peeled -- for the news getters; the headline grabbers whereever they appear

AND LOOK AT THE WOMEN IN THE NEWS. Not just the men -- Hilary almost won -- times have definitely changed.


Carola said...

How depressing. But...speaking of Hilary: isn't she wonderful. I saw her on TV the other day and she is so much more authoritative and confident than she was a year or two ago.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Joe Scarborough run. We need a good libertarian type person in the White House who will keep the Republicans from spending all our money on foreign wars and corporate welfare and keep all the Democrats from expanding the welfare system and socializing the economy. I wonder if he'd run as a Republican or 3rd party?