Wednesday, January 13, 2010


How many days have we been listening to the Harry Reid, Trent Lott blabber?

Why has this story become so major that it's talked about every few minutes on every channel?

Here it is again -- the symptom -- the wrong-doings of the media that worried me last year (and the year before) -- worry me because I think it's hurting us now more than ever.

Is it a problem of the media not having anything "grabby" to talk about -- the media needing a subject that will get listeners interested enough to sit through the usual four to six commercials, waiting for the show to resume?

We've got weather, money, unemployment, health care, problems with schools being over-crowded, elections looming in important states. We have reverberations still from what happened and didn't happen in Copenhagen.

And certainly another view of where last year's hardliners are will sell, and get plenty of attention? And predictions on what will happen to Jay Leno's show, when it's back at it usual time, but only a half hour? What should Conan O'Brien do, and Simon -- will his quitting next year end "American Idol?" Why not speculate on what his new "X factor" show is about?

Every time a black (with no "Negro" accent) explains that the comment was unimportant, and accurate -- equal time is given to a Republican to say what they've been saying (and doing) for many, many months -- explaining how Trent Lott and Harry Reid are in the same boat, and complaining bitterly about Lott being disposed of, while Harry Reid's "sin" is being covered up.

With this nonsensical stuff being repeated, a wrong, harmful, untrue idea is being sold and will be bought by more people.

I'm just saying what we know, and asking why can't the media stop this "fairness" -- this "balanced reporting" on the current, nonsensical accusations?

How can we stop them? It there anything I can do except complain?

I fear, and feel, that it's a ball rolling down a snow covered mountain getting larger, bigger, thicker, huger by the minute. I wonder if it will affect Barack Obama's decision, when it's time for him to think about his job, where it's heading, and what it's doing to him and his family and blacks --will it occur to him not to seek a second term?

We need him. What he is doing for the country is amazing, great, important -- what works, and even when what Obama is doing doesn't work -- it is working to make us a free country again.

Okay, he's a brave man, and what I'm thinking has undoubtedly occurred to him and Michelle. But now, right now, is the beginning of how we may someday be able to end race prejudice and I want the media to help us, stop making it more so, and worse.

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