Saturday, February 6, 2010


Michael Moore, creator fantastique -- truth-teller with humor, and a huge sense of what our country is, where we're at, and what's important to us, the people who live here, who sense what's good and what's bad about our country -- he reminds us what's wrong with America right now.

Dolly Parton, singer, composer, amazing -- an ultra female woman, who is what she IS as she performs -- honest -- funny, serious, dramatic, romantic -- indefatigably creative, she gives and keeps giving of herself, of her joyful connection and deep knowledge of country music.

Gene Hackman, actor extraordinaire -- gracefully retired, though the images of the men he created are still so vivid, real, alive in our minds -- Buck Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde), Popeye Doyle (The French Connection), Harry Caul (The Conversation), Coach Norman (Hoosiers), Reverend Scott (The Poseidon Adventure), Rupert Anderson (Mississippi Burning), Sheriff Little Bill Daggett (Unforgiven), and many others -- he's created 80 roles in 80 films.

Christine Baranski and Lily Tomlin --
"character" actresses supreme,
uniquely talented, uncannily able to become other women,
create reality, tragic, comedic, villainous, heroic and be STARS,
be beautiful or ugly, young or old, without distracting us with who they really are.

There are other great good guys in show business, current, up for awards -- but Tomlin, Baransky, Hackman, Parton, and Moore don't demand attention, and haven't been in the current news, or recently advertised.

I want to put them and what they are, and what they do, on a banner that flashes the names of these remarkable artists.
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