Wednesday, March 24, 2010


What's in the news today about Health Care?

We've had more invective from the Republicans, and loud, serious sounding threats to repeal Health Care Reform, and to sign state legislation requiring State Attorneys General to sue the Federal government.

Sunday night, March 21st, if you didn't watch the televised session in the House of Representatives, where members of Congress voted, you would think that the altruistic, hopeful, charitable Republicans, the good guys, lost to the conniving, lying, greedy Democrats, the bad guys.

My eyes filled with tears when I heard and saw Obama Sunday night, after Nancy Pelosi gaveled the Health Care Reform bill, and with a big grin said it passed.

What Obama said in his speech, the strength, the toughness in Obama's face and voice as he was thanking the Democrats, thanking everyone who helped get the bill passed ... he seemed different -- he seemed to be wearing a hard shell. What Obama said had no humor or his usual elegant phrasing, but oh my -- I'm rejoicing, because what he believes in, what he stands for, what he promised, and why he is our president, has been affirmed.

Barack Obama let us know that he was ready to fight and win, whatever battles are coming up.

No doubt about it -- we who want Health Care for all the people in our country are the good guys. And we've won -- they've lost.

It was wonderful,
a moment to cherish,
watching President Obama
sign the bill today.
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