Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sweet-faced, gentle-looking Liz Cheney, is doing bad things, saying horrifying things, using Daddy's contacts, as well as her own, to promote chaos within the entire country.

Before I started writing this I researched -- telling myself not to rave and rant -- just list the specifics, and then, maybe complain.

I've tried -- it's a waste of time, and as I researched, I saw that explaining what Liz has been saying and doing, I'll be repeating her untrue, distorted statements, helping to promote her efforts to stymie, negate, mock, put down, attack, disparage, everything that has to do with the current administration.

What can I do? Fight fire with fire? What can I say in my blog that will help stop her?

(Who am I -- one small voice, in the corner of the massive spreading widening thing -- this limitless airy-land we call the Internet? I'm scared! I feel as if the Internet is becoming a blob, a mass that's taking over the world.)
Oh-my-God, remember that movie -- that awful looking, liver-red blob ... or was it black? Am I remembering the BLOB, 1958 with Steve McQueen, or the remake in 1988, where a black Blob ate up everything?

What can I do to stop the Liz Cheney BLOB?

The answer sits on the same page as the questions we are still asking, about her father. We've investigated and have the answers. We know Vice President Cheney has broken laws and gone against American ideals, the cherished American ways that are essential to us being a free country.

What can any one do to shut up former Vice President Cheney?

Dick Cheney speaks, the media quotes what he's said -- his opinions, the negative, ugly, wrong beliefs, that he expresses are doubled, tripled, quadrupled -- made more significant because his remarks are repeated over and over and over.

Daughter Liz ... whew ... she's getting spookier -- she's strengthened by Dad's wrong ideas, as well as her own female, younger generation version of Dad's ideas, so that daughter Liz's current political philosophy is not only the Republican anti-everything -- it's a louder, nastier STOP Obama, STOP Congress, STOP every attempt to legislate anything.

(I can't help feeling if Obama's Health Care bill is launched, there will be a new killer attack on legality or Parliamentary procedure or who-knows-what -- and we'll be stymied, stuck worse than we are now. )
I like to shout STOP Liz , stop her daddy, they're the Blob! (But I'm one small voice protesting among the latest new batch of protesters, and wow -- free speech, and spur of the moment invective is enabling horrors at funerals, which the Supreme Court hearing will discourage? Or maybe encourage?)

So I'm terrified and worried about the White House, the current administration being able to pass other bills, some other urgently needed laws!

Guys -- Media guys, Twitterers, readers, listeners -- boycott Liz -- boycott ex-vice-president Cheney. TRY IT FOR A DAY, A WEEK, TWO WEEKS -- BOYCOTT THE CHENEYS!
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