Monday, April 26, 2010


Are you curious or do you already know who Lady Gaga is, and listen to her songs?

She is 24 , and, as she herself puts it -- she has a "monster" hunger for fame. (And fortune -- one of the videos I looked at today, has been viewed by almost 9 million fans.)

She uses "monsters," (her term) -- designers, artists, male and female friends, the wildest, most shocking props and costumes, in unexpected, often banal, far-out scenes, as well as in very ordinary locations . And fulfilling her passion for expressing herself, she creates a montage, potpourri of STUFF that intrigues her.

Is it art?

Sure it's art. It is heterogeneous -- poetry, prose, sound effects and music elements that are combined, sometimes jumbled, other times organized into 5 to 10 minute events, with herself visible, featured along with people and things, animate and inanimate.

In my post "Lady Gaga" 1/20 I said -- "I am blabbing while I'm gagging over Lady Gaga ... That the untalented, not particularly beautiful Lady Gaga is making it by publicizing her body, her soul, her music, her poetry ... well, it's sad ... it's not incredible ... just sad to think she may be inspiring the next generation of young girls with big dreams."


I'm the older generation disparaging a creative person (female so I'm competing, comparing myself at 24 ), to an active, successful, young artist.

Even her recurring concept of monsters (that's also what she calls her fans), is an interesting, honest, artistic comment.

With an off-beat sense of humor, Lady Gaga is talking about sex, herself and others (her collaborators, casual pals and celebrities ), and telling us in her own unique way, how she sees the world.

Huh? Am I kidding? Do I have spring fever?

No. Look at the video, and factor in what I've realized -- I'm out of date. Lady Gaga is a genuine, contemporary artist.

Do I like this video? Not particularly, but I didn't like 12-tone, "modern" music till I listened to it for quite a while. A lot of people play Lady Gaga songs over and over, and over.
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