Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm saying again, what I said on my blog, 11/21 -- saying it louder.

Her charm, her looks, her ability to turn negative into positive -- her ultra seductive, female skills – the stuff that little girls are made of -- "sugar and spice and everything nice "-- |Sarah Palin's got it - THE POWER.

You like her. I like her, even if we don't like her.

She gestures, smiles, chuckles, shrugs, points a knowing finger -- and what's wrong, what's making you cringe, what's making you feel like snarling at her -- zzzip – gone! You're smiling (maybe a bit ruefully), but you're marching with her down her track -- it's not your track -- she's wrong, but you're marching with her.

Those eye-glasses framing her twinkling, knowing, focused eyes that are beaming her purposeful intention -- getting her logic, her truths, her sometimes (actually most of time), all-over-the-place construct of what to do about this or that -- those gleaming, framed eyes really do seem to focus onto and into you.

Her slightly messy hair, her slightly thickened, mature look of a mother wife, ---above good legs -- no -- great legs -- holding her up, giving her that stand tall, head high, "I believe in myself" look she has, even if a tomato, or cream pie, whomps her in the face – that's POWER.

Nasty things that are said about her, Palin turns into compliments. Like home-made fudge that's better than store-bought, she eats it up. It tastes good -- insults are compliments -- my goodness, those insulters are paying attention to her.

She's amazing. She's got rebound, resilience, and instinct for survival, and wow -- what a talent she has for winning you over, if you happen to be unsure of what to believe in.

That's big talent, big power.

I know for sure that I'm scared of her.

Okay ...

So, I do not like her. I do not trust her. I am revolted by her quibbling with any statement or action that comes from the White House.

I'm cringing at her recent comments about our government "HELPING" folks be more religious.

I shriveled when she told the President he's wrong about Israel.

Her perfect-toothed, smiley, inventive ways of letting folks know that she'll probably be running for president in 2012 APPALLS ME.

Well, I've got good news. With my keen eye, my super-developed awareness of how a person looks, I am stating for the record, I think she's getting fat.

Look at two very recent pictures
of fat- faced Sarah.

Mrs. Em-Glen-Beck-Rush-Limbo says ho ho!

I see on chubby Mrs. P
A not thin chin,
Just peek at her cheek --
she's up a few pounds,
7-10, you betcha.

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