Friday, May 28, 2010


My fingers were ready to tap dance about Lisa Kudrow on my keyboard. I stopped -- I had to include Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

I watched the television show "Friends," after its heyday, and loved it, still love it. Like "Seinfeld," most of the episodes are gems, worth seeing more than once.

All the friends are fun, and interesting. Where they are now is even more interesting, the extraordinary career-things that have happened for each of them.

The spectacular things -- Jennifer's hair style became THE style, and is still on most every young, pretty head -- long, blondish, loose, semi straight locks. Courtney has produced some projects that don't quite work, but she's working, creating, improving "Cougar Town," the project that she's starring in right now. (It may become a hit show.)

Jennifer's a spectacularly talented actress, but I'm not sure she will ever recover from the Brad Pitt marriage catastrophe. She's always interesting in the many movies she's doing (one after another, with gossip about her sleeping with the leading man of each film.) And lately, alas -- we're getting lots of bikini photo revelations.

I admire her, I salute her talent, but her effectiveness in films is getting muddied by wrong emphasis.

Hey -- who am I to say what's right or wrong? Ho ho -- the answer to that is --SEEING IS BELIEVING. I trust my eyes, brain, heart, and experience with watching talent grow tall, or grow ... mm ... twisted. Be careful Jennifer... your marvelous looks are less marvelous now and you need to control where you're heading.

Be careful Courtney -- you never had the whatever it is, that makes a super special actress.

Courtney Cox has a great body, beauty, and a large talent, but producing shows and starring in them isn't working for her. Though she's certainly entertained me, pleased me, interested me, she doesn't fascinate me.

Lisa Kudrow does. I planned to write this post only about her, and try to explain why she is special. It's the click, zoom in something-or-other that she does -- even better and more so, than she could do when she was playing Phoebe in "Friends."

I'm not going to do a review or list of movies Lisa Kudrow has done. I just want to say she's got it. If you, the reader, are a would-be actor, watch any of the movie's Kudrow has done -- watch, and feel her commitment to the new person she becomes. It's beautiful, total, and remarkable.

Lisa Kudrow is magical -- no doubt about it. I'm just one person, but I know. I am not confused by publicity or what other people say. I know based on knowledge of acting, theater, and watching the rise and fall of many talented actors.


Carola said...

I like Lisa Kudrow too. She was on another show at the same time as Friends. Was it Mad About You? That seems like too long ago.

Marc said...

I agree with you 100% about Lisa Kudrow. She is a magical actress who has definitely got it. Her former co-stars, Ms. Cox and Ms. Aniston, are both talented, but the former is wasted on a bad sitcom while the latter is terribly wasted in one terrible film after another. Kudrow, on the other hand, continues to shine in whatever she does.