Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear Mrs. Palin :

Did you smile when you saw this picture on the cover of Newsweek Magazine ...? Were you and your family pleased and proud of the "Saint Sarah" five- page cover-story by Lisa Miller ...?

Miller says: "To white evangelical women, Sarah Palin is a modern-day prophet, preaching God, flag, and family--while remaking the religious right in her own image."

(Mrs. Palin, how do feel about remaking the religious right in your own image?)

Miller says: "The Christian right is now poised to become a woman's movement -- and Sarah Palin is its earthy Jerry Falwell."

(Is it a compliment Mrs. Palin? I remember Jerry Falwell coming on strong about issues that felt wrong to me, but he lost ground and sort of faded in importance, as I recall, because he was promoting himself too much.)

Miller says: "With her new faith-based message, Palin gathers up the Christian women traditional feminism has left behind."

(Hmm ... that statement, to me, Mrs. Palin, seems to suggest that these women, who are your devoted fans, and admirers, are women who are behind the times.)

Miller says: "Palin's lack of expertise on policy questions bothers not just her critics but even some of her most devoted fans."

I am not a fan, Mrs. P., but the women who love you and support you are women I know, and are part of my husband's family, whom he loves and cherishes, though politically, he doesn't agree with them.

Your rise, your ever-enlarging base of supporters worries me because you, spur of the moment, latch onto ideas that i believe are destructive, I think, of what America stands for.

Please, Mrs. Palin, think out and research carefully -- much more carefully -- what you say about Obama, about BP, about the environment, about what America needs to do about its wars.

We elected Barack Obama. You undermine him, and the people who voted for him and elected him, when you suggest that he is doing what Hitler did. Aside from the wrongful attacks on our black President that you have supported -- that he's not an American, that he's a Muslim -- the comparison to Hitler is like the oil, killing animals, ruining lives of people, oil ruining the land.

We can't wash it away.

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