Saturday, July 3, 2010


Did you dream of being a super athlete but knew you couldn't be -- you didn't have the height, or the muscles --everyone in your family was chubby and quite short ....

Well, there's something new that's being worked on by scientists, that can make it possible to change some of the things you've inherited from your mother and father, and they inherited from theirs.

Scientists call the new science, "Epigenetics."

Oncologists have already seen some success in using epigenetics against leukemia, bone-marrow cancer and blood disorders. And at the Epigenome Center in the Salk Institute, there's evidence that lifestyle choices like eating too much, can be changed, by changing the molecules in your DNA that cause the genes for obesity to express themselves too strongly.

It's complicated -- I'm not a doctor or a scientist, but I've learned that epigenetics may even help us cure cancer. When tumor-suppressing genes aren't doing their job, and cancer cells are replicating uncontrollably -- by manipulating the epigenetic marks, doctors can get tumor-suppressing genes to work again.

Last week, a team of researchers announced, they'd created a bacterial cell using chemicals and computer data. It's "synthetic DNA."

Here we are, JC and Em the blogger, discussing how it might affect us.

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Carola said...

Interesting video, but actually I was more interested in the video's sub-theme ("I am the master of my fate..."). After all your genes didn't have to be modified for you to become a dancer. It was your will, and your determination.